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Jewel #11


Eddy looked at Jewel sleeping and marvelled at how peaceful she looked, hardly three hours before she had been a tiger on the prowl. Eddy had never seen a girl that furious; enough to try clobber a giant of a man and succeed albeit with minor injuries. She might have died though if he hadn’t rushed to her rescue and that plagued him.

What had his little jewel been doing alone at night and in such a place?

She had refused to tell him about what had transpired to have had her walking in a fitting rage at 1am in the morning but when he had probed and probed she had only mentioned that she had had boyfriend issues and that he was now an ex.  Further probing had yielded him a name and the mention of another woman in the picture.

“How could anyone do that? To her especially…!”

Yet here she was stronger than ever and now quite simply; peacefully sleeping. The pain tucked in somewhere. He couldn’t believe she had made him swear not to do anything to Nick.  She was clever… with his assets he could easily locate and have due justice served to that scum bag! His beautiful Jewel…how he loved her. He had never quite been able to define the love he had for her but that wasn’t important. What was important was that she was here and she was safe. He remembered how they had met five years ago. A very interesting tale actually…


Time had found him roaming around motor shows looking at what race cars had hit the market in time for the annual motor show as well as the underdog competitions. He had cars, fast cars but competition was stiff and to keep his titles he had to up his game and that needed more than just speed.  To aggravate the matter more he had made a bet with Vince one of the toughest yet among the fastest blokes on the block.

A striking 10,000$(for they transacted in dollars whether you were a yen or a shilling or not) would be lost in the battle that along with the prospect of losing his car.  No it needed more than speed, it needed a car that contained power and control especially corners. He had long learnt that many drivers across his path focused so much on speed and forgot that speed was not driving. Most of his opponents at TURBO CHARGE had cars that had speed and with the money he had now he could not afford such luxuries, he was dead broke, his company Eddy Inc was almost bankrupt, his money was held in many places and he only had around 50 grand to work with. This battle meant so much to him, he had to win it, the money from the other opponents and the bet would spill over to him (70%) of it at least. And all he had to do was outwit his opponents with the one thing they wouldn’t  think of. Their cars had speed and lots of it but they lacked control. And since he was running a bargain either way what better way to do so than to play at their weaknesses?

He had gone all round and was getting really frustrated. Motor shows, Car dealers, bazaar after bazaar even Black Street had nothing that quite satisfied him. He had even gone to auction houses and nothing! They either involved too much work or too much money. And time and money were luxuries he did not quite have in plenty at the time. This was clearly not the best season to be purchasing a good sports car but he was at his wits end.  At last he’d decided to just check in on what Motorsport had. They were known for speed and had been undertaking F1 cars in the recent past so they would probably lack the key element that he sought- control. He would check it out anyway. Who knows what changes time could bring? Besides he really didn’t stand to lose anything (other than his mind of course) was he to be met by any more bad news.

As he entered the vast land that was Motorsport, he could clearly see why F1 had decided to enrol them into their lucrative sport. They had one of the best race tracks he had seen in his time and he had seen quite a couple. This one left him with a hunger for speed, where rubber and tar met and the thrill of it filled him.  He’d heard of it but had never really found himself in the vicinity. He had chosen to remain recluse to the kind of life that Motorsport depicted.

To him, Motorsport was a place for the professionals interested in world championships sponsored by a bunch of rich men with nowhere to take their money. That said; the place was indeed beautiful and he’d have given anything to train there. Perhaps the pros had something going for them after all…but compared to Madison’s road… he’d take the latter any day. The crowds cheering all the women at the start and finish line, the loud music, the crowning and dethroning of champs and the exhilarating thrill of being the first in the street. Seeing cars won and bets lost…beautiful! Still he conceded, the track was simply a good investment.

His thoughts were cut short by a sudden cold breeze and the buzz of something, he turned to see a blur of black and red pass him. When his eyes had finally adjusted …he saw what was now apparent to him to be a car negotiate a corner without so much as the driver breaking a sweat yet still maintaining the bizarre high speed. That was mad control! He looked at the car again it seemed to be a common Imprezza but slightly modified. He could tell its speeds lay at approximately 250 and had a hp of about 260. He wondered what its acceleration peak time was. He looked at the car, single turbo, no modifications done yet_ Perfect! As he continued to wonder at this seemingly common yet uncommon car, he was surprised to hear a soft voice next to him.


“I see you like it, that’s the new Subaru Wrx 2013; it has a bhp of 265, single turbo, 0-60 in under 3.7 seconds flat, FERODO callipers and no electronic blanket so it can fly to an easy 240kph. It’s particularly good at taking corners thus a good choice when it comes to drifting, if you’re a racing type that is. If not I would suggest the 2013 Ford Shelby gt500. It’s also quite efficient when it comes to speed with a hose power of 662 and can easily do 300kph with a 325 top. Not particularly stable though when compared to Wrx when it comes to corners. Not good if you’re going to be going down a hill, but then again with the cost of such a car why would you be winding down a hill anyway. The peak of it lies in your garage. A model to buy and stare at.  She smiled slightly.

Just asking though, what do you intend to do with the car, I have been here for a while and I have learnt to distinguish the buyers from those who seek to feed their eyes and you kind sir seem to stem from the former. You’re here on a buying streak. I could show you around if you’d like…”

Eddy turned around expecting to see a mature lady with a soft spoken voice in perhaps a Motorsport t-shirt or blouse, all adorned up with makeup, trying really hard to make a kill for the day. He looked at the puny hand stretched in front of him and looked up to see a little girl, long hair tied up in a bun and tucked in a baseball cap, majestically dressed in an overall, oil and grease stains all over her face. He shook the hand slowly as if still recovering from the shock of it all. From a distance he could hear the girl introducing herself.

‘How could such a tiny girl hold such vast info and those stains surely  …Where’d she get them from?” he almost leaned over and asked if she wasn’t meant to be in school or at some shopping spree or whatever little girls of her age do.

All the same, he told her his name and continued to explain that he was looking for a sports car that was fast yet stable while cornering and that could win in a street race. Humouring her would not be bad would it? He half expected her to call to her elder brother to come take the “order” but was surprised when she hardly even flinched.

“Wow, you’re one of those street guys. I’ve seen more of your people here the past few weeks.” His jaw tensed. Young or not, that held important information.  The girl must have seen his questioning eyes coz she went right on and answered.

“Most come for Evos. One bought a Ford, poor guy he has no idea how bad a choice that was if your race was not a straight road. Anyway I’d advise you to take the Subaru Wrx STI, the sister car to the one you were just ogling at. The new model is still only a prototype but the older is still quite a hit!


Eddy frowned at the idea he didn’t quite like Subaru’s. And the older version idea didn’t quite augur well with him. If he was competing against evos he needed the best. Not something closer to the best…

The girl, clearly seeing the conflict in him, continued

“It comes with the Subaru Intelligent Drive System making it swifter than the common Wrx and can hit the red line at 250kph easy. The evos and the skyline are pretty fast yes, perhaps even faster but with the cost they are going for now, it would make more sense to win it off somewhere in a street deal, besides the drivers I saw test them are way too proud to know how to control a car as it should be, all speed and brawns but no brain, guy like you work on the latter and you should be good.

Eddy smiled. This girl knew what she was about. Her big brother must be quite the car expert. He was beginning to seriously to consider hiring out the brother(if he wasn’t too expensive that is.) he was even considering bringing him on as a recruit to join Eddy inc. Lord knew he was short of drivers.

Lord let it be someone I can work with.

She had shown him around after that and had shown him almost all the cars that were actually useful to him. He had been allowed to test drive some, while some were prototypes brought in them from Japan or Germany so that the who’s who in Motorsport could have a feel at the cars and be moved to buy them. It was like joining a new world all together, the world of the professionals and for a street guy it both awed him and repelled him. He however could see a lot of future in it for this little girl who seemed to care more about cars than most men ever would.

After the tour, he had chosen the Wrx STi 2013 as she had advised after and after test driving it, he knew for sure it was the right car for him. He would modify it here and there but it didn’t require as much work  as some of the others would have and like the girl had said it was his best shot at winning especially if he super trained to be the best man in the pitch something he was cock sure that he was. But if he was to make it for this particular race he had to respect the fact that there was new blood and new sets of wheels on the field and since he did not know what they were about; he had to put in extra time.

The girl, God bless her, had also ensured that he had test driven the evo to see what he was up against and that car was a machine! Had he had extra money he would have bought the car but as of now he was sure he was up against a whole load of speed. Thankfully he had seen some few hitches here and there that he would use as arsenal, come the day of the race.

When he had finally resolved to buy the car, he informed Jewel who called the sales guys to come make the deal. The sales man came swiftly as if he had been eyeing them for a while and asked almost casually which car he would like to purchase.

“The Wrx STI 2013 please”

“Oh that, its 36000 dollars Sir”



Eddy gulped and hoped to God that the sales man wouldn’t see. Putting up a face in this line of business was key. How was he meant to even work with that? With eleven grand already slashed from his budget, 36000 would cripple him.

Jewel seemed to have sensed his trouble and talked to the salesman.

“Mr. Edward here has been our long since customer and was here when the opening market for the Wrx was released. Why don’t you give it to him at the premium price? Besides he offered to show me around and let me see his other cars, tell George upstairs that it’s for me, will you?”

The sales man looked confused. He had never seen Jewel interact with customers and in his months of service had never seen this customer before. How is it then that he could be a loyal customer? He however reasoned that he used to come before he had been employed and perhaps that was the reason Jewel had taken an interest in him. Perhaps he had been an ally of the great Campbell, the man whom had lost his….

No he would not think of such. His death was almost sacred in this place. Even after only few months of working at Motorsport he knew. He would simply go to George and tell him what Jewel had said, he after all knew that there was a discounted price for loyal customers and was there in time to get the opening sale price. He only hoped that George would not snap his neck for disturbing him with such a matter.


Eddy turned to Jewel when he saw how much he would be charged. He had doubted that her tiny stunt would work but was surprised to see that three grand had just been dropped off his bill. He smiled. “Who was this girl?”

All the same he had purchased the Wrx STi at 33Grand which had left him with some money to do modifications with.

When little big Jewel asked him to show her how things were done in the street world, he could barely refuse. He went with her to his garage and together they had debated on what he would do with the WRX. She knew enough about cars to know that with Vince owning an Evo, he was on the losing team, if he didn’t play his cards right.

The STi to win in the big race would need a lot of work done on it, it would require speed tyres, turbo, nitrous, boosters, exhaust system, air intakes and of a whole lot of other things, but with his money running low, he had to decide what to take on.

Basic requirements would be the speed tyres, turbo, and exhaust and nitrous this would increase his speed from the 250 to at least 350. His car already had stability but he had to change some few things here and there to grant him speed that he so badly needed. Racing against an experienced driver who was behind a nitrous containing evo was no easy task. He would require to work hard for it.

Speed. Speed was a gamble. A car basically works on the principle of cylinders and pistons, the piston moves down to deliver a cylinder a full tank of gas and air and then consequently moves up to compress, an ignite spark then ignites and sparks the gasoline which results in an explosion which can be called energy. To improve his speed to things needed to happen, either he would increase its fuel intake or air intake. Both would be good but his car needed to have enough power to harness and control both.  Too much energy could easily make the car overheat and knock something the Subaru company had luckily taken into account and had inputted two radiators one which automatically switched on when the car passed the speed of 130 and the normal one. His car would efficiently be able to cool down the increased heat.

He had resolved to use the liberty to play with the car’s fuel and air intake. Wheels were important, he needed wheels that had grip in a racing track and sustain a high speed without burning out. He would upgrade the car’s sway bar that would increase the car cornering and that would cost him an approximate 500$ so it was okay.

The turbo was efficient in slamming more air into the engine resulting in yes, greater power. That he could enhance with a sports exhaust system which would result in more torque by allowing more waste gases to leave the engine faster and Nitrous of course Nitrous, pure speed and energy.

With that kind of force he would be an animal. Undefeated in the field! But that money! Hmmm

Eddy mulled over and over that wondering what angle to take and how to play in order to win his bet and defend his title. After a precious 48 hours lapsed, Jewel came up with a crazy but actually plausible solution. They increase the speed and let the wheels be. They would be totally burned out at the end of the race but he would be the one holding the winning cash anyway.


It was against all that Eddy had learnt, but he decided to take the risk. The work began fixing turbo, exhaust system and the latest Nitrous system, teaching her all that se knew. The rest as they said…

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