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Jewel #13: Welcome distractions


All her thoughts seemed to clear as she considered the map of the track; it was an almost classic track. It was 12 metres wide with about 10 major curves and from what she could see about 7 minor ones. There was a smaller club circuit of 2.4 kilometres with 7 major curves and turns and a stretch for a drag race and a couple of ramps for the dare devils.


On the back of the maps was a list of the club’s rules and regulation and of course a list of disclaimers. They had their own cars for hire but since she had her own there would be no problem. Between the main course were smaller routers presumably for training and drifting. Some paths were clear cut for F1 drivers and one had to pay extra for such, and of course be in a different car but her Ford was not for that. This track wasn’t street but it would do, right now her heart craved precision and speed and this track would provide just that.

She had pushed her car quite a bit at the beginning of the journey here so she knew it could handle some level of track, not many components of the car had been removed from it so the car still felt heavy. From what she could tell, Eddy had added suspension coils to the model, the power steering was still intact hence the corners weren’t as difficult but could be prove a bit problematic in this track. She was also playing with a hose power of about 200hp, not much, but for the size of this car and for her needs right now it would do.

She revved her car at the starting line, slowly shutting down everything but the road ahead, her gloved hands and the feel of the car through the steering wheel. Breathing slowly, calmly, becoming one with the car.

She could picture it as she always did, the girl walking in between the cars with two checked flags in hands, the crowds at the side cheering her on, her heart beating almost out of her chest, then slowly, shutting all that clatter down too, till it was only her and the car together as one. That moment, for her, would always coincide with the green light. She let go of the breaks and in two seconds the car was at 60mph. She was one with the road, turning, drifting, and flying, away from her problems, away from her life as she knew it. She had no title, no enemies, no hurt, just her and her car. Many ladies had shopping, others ice cream and wine and she respected them for it, but for her, this was her kind of therapy, speed.


Liz watched Michael flex as he drove the car. He had a Subaru, something she would normally object to. Her father had always stressed upon her that anyone in a Subaru is a man out to show off with too much testosterone to burn and should not be trusted. But today and with him, she could welcome that testosterone.

She could welcome almost anything as long as it was with him. Dangerous thoughts she knew, but she almost could not help herself. He was too darn fine! She was literally struggling with all of her not to show any emotion. Far be it from her to show this man who thought of her as only a little child that she fancied him. It would only serve to stamp his thoughts. “The little young girl with the giddy crush on the older hot guy”

She wondered if this is  how Jewel felt. Sigh. She could not wait to see her today, get all the juicy stories and also tell her about this steamy hot cousin of hers. She looked at Michael.

Gosh! This man was so hot!!


He had said he’s showing her some of the things that help him blow steam off. There was a nice place up ahead he’d said and she just agreed. He took her to a motor track in Dumbvale, the Dhabi Tack or something or the other. Told her how driving calmed him down.

She had heard that from Jewel so many times and wondered what this family’s obsession with cars was. Hanging out with Jewel however she had learnt to appreciate the focus, the rhythm and the adrenaline that came with it. She would never drive that fast of course but she did not mind watching and she loved how both looked so happy and in the zone while driving. It made her content. She also appreciated the fact that they weren’t reckless, they would steadily increase speed and so smoothly that you would hardly realise how fast you were going, no emergency breaks as well. She hated those.

As they watched the track from the benches, Michael noticed a small green Fiesta with a lady driver.

“SEE Liz, it’s not only a guys’ sport. Look at that chic! She barely looks 20 yet she’s handling that car like a pro.

Liz looked at him go on and on. She wondered if he knew just how much of a ten year old he sounded like.

He looked so happy and so excitable. It was impossible not to be infected by his joy. She looked at the driver, feeling something was oddly familiar about her. She could have sworn it was Jewel. They had the same form, same hair colour, but those clothes, a baseball cap? Jewel would rather be caught dead than be seen in that.

She watched how she was handling the car, she was sure she’d seen that driving before, but really, A fiesta? Where from? Nick was only into flashy vehicles and it was not this type of flashy either.

She convinced herself that she was getting paranoid as she watched the girl drive away from the facility. She would just enjoy this time with Michael then go tell Jewel she has a double ganger somewhere in the world.

Next to her, Michael was looking at the score board, 9.28secs that’s the 3rd highest time ever put there.

“i want to race that girl. Did you get her plates? “

Liz shook her head. “Lemme ask at the reception.”

Before she had responded, he had jumped over the hurdle, looked back, blown her kiss and ran to the reception.

Liz laughed. Men!

Oh my gosh, he blew me a kiss. Hehe

She did not mind race tracks if it made him let loose this much. She’d never seen ever-serious Michael so happy and playful. He ran back, complaining. The girl had not left her name or contact or from policy they were not allow to disclose such.

“At least I’ve set up a challenge!” he said, his face beaming once more. “Can’t wait!”


Nick was feeling irritable. He could not stand the woman by his bed. A whole night of convincing himself he had made the right choice had not helped him one bit. He felt stupid and sick.  Pride comes before a fall. And his head was feeling his heart fall. Alice, next to him, was sleeping, her body rising and a falling with a sound so small, it felt like the purr of a cat. There was a time that sound excited him, made him feel so alive, not anymore.

He left the house. Seeing Alice was no good for him. All he could see was Jewel. He saw her heart breaking before him and felt a strong sense of disgust. He remembered how easily Alice had given himself to him. There had been no much challenge and much as he enjoyed it, he really felt like he needed something new. Something more. He needed a challenge and Jewel had been exactly that. From the first racing challenge she had given him to yesterday itself, he had been challenged so much so that he really did fall for her.

The irony, he never was one to give in to such puny emotions and heresays of love and feelings. They were just words he used to convince the women in his life that they meant something to him. A card to pull at the exact right moment, in the perfect setting and it always worked. Sometimes, a bit too well, he thought as he remembered Alice. Now that he had slept on it, he wondered just what exactly the woman had come to do, and how had she known exactly where he would be. Sending his favourite drink was a game they used to play when they were younger, happier. Before she became so smothering, he felt he couldn’t breathe, before his eyes opened to the rest of the world and the joys of having many women in his slay list. He relished the excitement of chasing a girl and seeing her dance to the tune of his charms. It had started as a game, a distraction, but it had slowly consumed him, enamoured and bewitched him. It was so different with each but the result would always be the same, for some it took hours, others days or even weeks and he relished it.

It had been a while since he played that game, since Jewel, and he felt the need to revive it. He smiled. He knew exactly where to start.







Thirty minutes later, Alice was up and in the shower. She sung with so much glee as one thing reverberated through her mind. He had chosen her. The stupid young girl had been standing there and he chose her. She felt so alive. Sure, she hadn’t found him in bed this morning but who cares. She enjoyed knowing that he worked so hard for them. He had even moved out and got a place near his workplace so that he could be able to manage the hotel well.

She wanted to surprise him later on. She had taken cooking lessons recently in a bid to try and make things better with him and she was so happy that instead of using her new skills to woe him they would be used instead to celebrate him, celebrate them.

She had long since shoved aside Alison, her ‘twin’. That girl was so pessimistic for her liking. Did she not see how much Nick loved her? he would literally leave a girl on the stand for her! Who cares if he had taken the girl there in the first place? It was the end that was important and not the means. He had just needed to open his eyes that was all.

She would go shopping and then head over to his house soon. She only had a few classes left. She wanted everything to be just perfect. She would get the best groceries from the best grocery store. She would buy a new dress, black or gold sequin, she knew he would like that, and she would buy new lingerie. She would do it all. It gave her so much joy just to think about it.

She missed living with him in the same house. They used to live together but his job had become really demanding and she saw as he had to stretch long hours then finally would just sleep there, coming to the house extremely tired and worn out. His father had been training him to take over the family business, running all the hotels that were under their belt. He had sent him to business school and saw him employed at one of the most successful managerial firms the country had. It was now time to take over the business and he fought to prove himself or so he kept telling her. When he finally decided to move to an apartment near the hotel, she did not refute. Her own work place was closer to this particular apartment therefore one thing had to give. She would have moved in with him had he asked though, all the same, she was happy, the space as they awaited the wedding should be healthy. If only he stopped with his many women. He had promised yesterday though. He had given his solemn word and she believed him, hook, line and sinker.

He had been so delightful last night. Whispering so many sweet things in her ear while telling her how much he loved her. He had promised no more girls, no more games, he’d even reminded her of the promise ring he had given her; the very ring that she never removed.

She smiled looking at it. She went over the dinner plans in her mind, her man would be pampered. He would never again have reason to look outside to babies to give him only what a woman could. She still had his house keys; she hadn’t been to his place in a while. He always came to her. She smiled. It would be an even better surprise.

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