Jewel 15 #He promised



Alice smiled as she went up the elevator, groceries and shopping in hand and a myriad of sweet, pleasant sensual thoughts playing around in her mind. She was so happy, she could almost whistle. Memories of last night coupled with fantasies of tonight enveloped her whole self and she honestly could not believe just how lucky she was. She raised her hands, amidst the weight of what she was carrying, to look at her ring finger, her promise ring, it looked so perfect resting there. White gold and pure diamond, she had worn it for many years now…. but yesterday, he touched it, caressed it, told her it would be soon, told her he had realised his mistakes, vowed that he would never touch another girl. That they were all children compared to her. The joy in her heart could only be summed up in what she imagined a honeymoon felt like. His words to her, like wedding vows, she knew they were finally one, she wold never stray and in the four years she never had. With the women gone, they could move in together, they could go to the AG for their wedding, they could even fly to Las Vegas and marry for all she cared, in her head it was already done. And nothing would ever break them.

Alice knew that Nick would be working right now, in their many years together, she had known him enough to predict his schedule, he would be coming home at around 8 giving him ample time to have dinner ready, whip up some desert, set the table for the most intimate dinner, shower and be ready to receive him at the door.

She entered the apartment kicking off her shoes at the entrance. His whole house was carpeted in the softest most fluffy grey white carpet there was, the only difference between rooms being the colour and texture of the carpet. She had always loved the feel of it on her toes, so welcoming and so warm and always seemed to tickle her as she walked in. she went straight to the open bar kitchen and placed the groceries and soon was on her way to the bedroom. She loved how the whole house smelt of him, that dark, heavy masculine scent that was still fresh at the same time. She imagined him at the office, busy typing away or inspecting this or the other and could not wait for him to come home to rest, maybe she should run a bath for him as well? Massage his temple as well as the rest of his glorious self, she smiled at the thought.

Then she heard the sounds. She moved slowly, trying to ascertain whether she had actually heard right. The sounds were muffled and distinctly coming from the bedroom, but Nick was working, she was certain of it. She normally would have called out but something restricted her. Alison’s instincts kicked and she immediately reached for her purse, then she paused, it must be the television. It was the only logical explanation. He must have left in such hurry that silly one, she almost laughed as her body visibly relaxed.

Her mind gain drifted to her shopping, she should change into the lace just to see if it fit, she was so giddy with pleasure, it was a new Victoria’s from the latest collection, she could almost hear the gasp escape Nick as he saw her in it for the first time. Tonight, would be perfect.

She reached into her bag only to find Alison’s gun, that funny girl! She had actually wanted to kill that innocent girl. I told her Nick was mine, and she hadn’t believed me. Thank God Nick had chosen her, Alison tended to be very irrational. She decided it was best if she discarded the gun. For the sake of keeping others from harm.

As her steps quickened, again nonchalant, she heard the sounds again. Had Nick been watching Porn? After their passionate night? It couldn’t be. But sure enough the sounds were getting louder.




No! no! No! It can’t be!



NO! It can’t be! It can’t be! He said! HE promised! It couldn’t be!

She half ran, half walked down the long corridor.

More screaming

More groaning.

It was his voice! She knew! She had  heard that voice a million times before! In her mind! In her heart! LAST NIGHT! NO!



“I told you! I told you he could not be trusted! Alice, I told you!” Alison shouted in her mind

Oh, Alison, shut up!


The girl shouted in the room!


It can’t be!

Then she saw them….

On the bed she had chosen, on the sheets she had bought for him, the lying scum bag, the man she loved with everything she was, was lying with a girl strapped to his thighs, proudly on top of him.

She couldn’t take it. A soft sound escaped her and then everything went silent. The rest she saw from a distance. She saw herself reaching into the bag, she felt the cold in her hands without even seeing it, she felt it fit into her hand, she heard herself release the safety. She did not care who the bullet hit. The girl, Nick, herself, she wanted it all gone. Son of a Bitch had lied to her, looked her in the eye and lied to her.

What had she ever done to him to deserve that? What had that innocent girl done yesterday to deserve that? Who did this man think he was?

He watched her flip the dead girl off him like she was nothing. He was gazing at her with so much intensity in his eyes. First surprise, then intent, like he would make her pay.

Son of a gun! She shot him again and again and again! She even spared a shot for his balls!

Then she put the gun on her temple to shoot herself. The shot never came! She wanted to die, she slumped down at the door, tears welling from somewhere deep inside her. She, Alice, had killed Nick. She had killed the man she loved. Her mind was crumbling. Alison wasn’t taking over, she was there all alone, in her torment and in Alison’s silence. She couldn’t stop crying. For her battered soul, her broken heart, her tortured past and her crazy, twisted present.

She had killed Nick, she had killed him, but he had promised, he had sworn, he had promised, he had…

They found her still in that position, still crying, rocking back and forth, hours after the bodies had gone cold, still mumbling, ‘he had promised’

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