Greedy doctors you call us

This CBA business has been going on long enough for the common Mwananchi to at least look at the document and know what it’s all about. But how would you know if the content is not shared with you. 

Well…what’s so greedy about asking for proper Sanitary equipment? About asking for laryngoscopes and otoscopes and things as basic as Gloves. Ever considered how many infections are carried from one patient to the next if we use a single pair of gloves? Yet, many are the times we are forced to use the same pair because there’s none left in the store! Then months later forced to used gynaecological gloves because they are almost expiring and were not released in time!

So what’s greedy about wanting to protect our patients?

Ever been with us when we take month after month of Post Exposure Prophylaxis because we were caring for the wounds of our dear patients and a needle pricked us? When we vomit and vomit every morning and every evening and still report to work because our patients need us.  Imagine the horror of we had to share those needles? (Not that we do) but can you picture it? That’s the safety we are asking for. That proper protection and sanitation Is given as per the OSHA stipulates. 
We ask for medical insurance because we get ill too. And we catch the worst of TB and the worst of Strains from all the concortions that loom around the beds or hospitals. Who would treat you when we die? The Cubans? The Indians?

Do you think it is fair to see our patients, mothers die of obstructed labour because there’s no oxytocin or have to tell them they have delivered to a still birth because we did not augment in time or the syntocinon they bought wasn’t viable? 

CBA urges the government to employ additional doctors because all of ours go to the private sector because of better pay. We simply asked that the government try to retain their doctors In Government and as it should be. Or can you imagine spending a 12hour shift that pushes to 16 and then 18hours and expected to give the same quality service to the first patient as to the last with your only help being the lovely 2 nurses beside you and you can not dare more than a thirty minutes break because someone will die or deteriorate.
How about having to resuscitate your mother or your father with no Normal Saline or with a paediatric gauge cannula because well…they are the only ones available?

Something as simple as call houses, a room where a doctor on call can be awaiting any emergency with a bed because they have been up for 18hours straight and if someone has had an accident they need to be up and functional for the emergency.

We ask for transport to and from hospital if called for an emergency at night. Because we are humans and we can be robbed or kidnapped and we would like security. Where is the greed in that? 

How many people have died because they had someone who simply did not know what to do in terms of Advanced Trauma Life support or basic life support, and with changing manuals every day; New developments every year in terms of policy is it so greedy to ask that doctors be trained every year in the new ATLS protocols. Is it so greedy to ask for your life to be spared of lack of knowledge?

When was the last time you had a Kenyan doctor had discovered new medicine? Or that research in the country had found a new solution to say Cholera? Ever wondered why none is forthcoming? And when we ask for the government to fund research towards helping our country we are called greedy?
Tell me where is the greed in that?

CBA is so much more than that Salary they keep mentioning, than that Job group and anything else they paint.

We are told medicine is a passion and a calling and indeed it is. That’s why it is so painful to watch the very Kenyans we fight for call us greedy. 


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