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Guest Writer : Relationships

A friend of mine sent us a beautiful post of what has been resonating with her heart . She also requested in a very cute way to reach You my lovely reader 😊😊

I hope it touches your heart as it did mine.
By Nelima 

I think imma put up a blog soon (or even better do a visiting) coz my stomach is burning with everything that God has placed in my heart to share I have never shared anything on relationship before I think this time I would ps this is my opinion

Since the year began its 19 days now I have really been thinking about relationships( I dont know why) maybe its what I see God doing for people around me and I share ~my~ thoughts 

1. How can you be a christian and not trust God for His best

“I have him and him” “if this one doesn’t work ill take this one” ” im hanging on for a while” and all those option conversations we have

Instead of us looking for “other options” why dont we trust God for His best 

He knows exactly what we need and I think having options only limits us from reaching towards God’s plans for us

He wants us to trust Him with our feelings with our “potential” He knows it best He just needs our securities 

Ill share an experience I have of this later on in life lol

2. Things dont end wrong they start wrong

God for His best

“He will change” “He goes to church” “she parties alil coz shes bored” “He is struggling but he will be okay” “its just a matter of time she will come around” 

I will let God be the judge of this 

If you find saying this for your “future spouse” there is a problem somewhere

I believe that only two people can change someone(my thinking)

A mother and God and you are neither

This people might probably change but mostly they may never 

Trade carefully and seek the Heart of God on the issue

Relationships are very important because they affect generations set the right foundation do the right thing and save yourself a million times stress in the future 

3 in 1 timothy paul urges timothy to treat ladies as their sisters

For men,

Please treat all ladies as if you would want your sisters to be treated

Dont lead nobody on

Dont tell anyone you would marry them if you havent seeked God on this one first avoid future dramatic scenes of having to explain how “God doesnt want this”

Ladies treat men as your brothers

Dont entertain

Dress modestly #diedaily

4. accountability

I think the best relationship is that one which people meet in a setting of service (of cos different relationships start differently) 

This then you can seek leaders if in church your pastor and ask them about the girl (the man now) 

Proverbs 15:22

Its a whole process

But you end up having people who are accountable for yall

Who are constatly walking with you 

If possible ask both parents about it 

(This is for serious people if you are not you need Jesus) lol




 5 the last one

Trust Him with your bucket list

Oh I want this..I dont want that…no I cant….my friends the question should be

 God what do I need?

Most times we get excited with what we shouldnt be excited with its like you are given a wrapped gift you enjoy the wrappings and miss out on the gift itself 

As I said before He knows what we need… ( learnt this the hard way) His blessings brings joy and adds no sorrows

I will say again this are my thoughts what I have in my heart


If you are His child He can never leave you nor forsake you

Children are

For all those who have received Him He has given them the power to become the Child of God

You will never understand all I have written unless you are 

#asonofGod or 



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