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Liz was getting worried. She had been with Jewel for three days now and not once had she heard her cry, not at night as they had shared the same bed, not during the day as they had spent the hurs mumbling about anything under the sun but that. She was ot even quiet or withdrawn, she was not laughing or smiling either, Jewel just was.

Over the few days flowing the terrible ordeal with Nick, the local media being what it was had flooded them with info after info about Nick’s final moments on earth, dubbing it the kiss of death, they had done a special review on the history of his relationship with that Alice woman, they gave his family history, candles were lit by his admirers, they simply could not escape.

The only sign of anger that she had seen was when Jewel had switched off the  television, disconnected the radio, then she had perused the first of the daily newspaper before burning it and slowly watched it turn to ash, then she had gently folded the other two before putting them in the trash can.

She had then called the newspaper man and politely asked him not to deliver newspapers for a while. When their friends had kept calling with feigned sorries and ‘is it true?”  and wasn’t that your Nick?’ and what she knew was search for sweet juicy gossip to spread through the grape vine she had disconnected the phone and let her phone battery run dry.

She had cut off everyone apart from Michael and Liz and was content on just hearing them talk.

They had tried watching a move but then the couple in the movie made out and Jewel had turned and asked Michael about work.

Liz knew that Jewel was hurting so much but she was keen on avoiding the whole issue but was not sure if to probe or not. Not once had Jewel left the house since then and here she was today saying she was going for a drive.

No she didn’t want company and yes she promised to be safe. She would be back when she was ready.

The thought of her in that state alone petrified Liz particularly today being the burial day but there was no stopping Jewel once she was decided. She could only hope that the drive helped. She hoped that it would help her cry it all out or at least release some of the pain.  It hurt her so much to see Jewlz like that.

Michael on the other hand was beyond himself in guilt. For some reason unbeknownst to her, he held himself responsible for all this. As if he had taken the gun and shot the cheating bustard.

Liz could not understand that, they ALL did not know he was a cheating scum bag, and he had not held the gun, so why did he feel responsible? But she could not deal with both of them at the same time. The emotions were too great.

No sooner had Jewlz left than Michael had taken thekeys to follow her. Jewel must have anticipated this move because she had simply waited for him at the next turn. When he drove by, she had left her car, and came to him and told him No.

Whatever else she must have told him must have really worked because a flustered Michael had returned home five minutes later looking both annoyed and less tense at the same time.

“She told you not to follow her huh?”

‘Yeah! I don’t know how she knew I’d be tailing her. She had just parked at the turn waiting for me.”

“Well that’s Jewlz for you, she needs to let off steam thou and drives have always done that for her. She doesn’t think I know but I think she would make one of the best drivers in the planet. Plus, you remember her with her dad and all.”

“yeah…I do” sadness overwhelming him. “A little girl should not have to endure such pain’”

“She’ll be okay Michael, don’t worry and this is not your fault, okay?”

Michael looked at Liz, shocked that she had figured him out then at once relieved by the thought of it. Her arms were wide open, luring him to a hug. She was a child but he felt she unfderstoood. Now that Jewel was not here she could let down a bit, he drew in for the hug and just let the weight of his worry just fall.

He had seen the lust in nick’s eyes that day, he had seen how he had looked at Jewel like some piece of meat. It was also not lost to him that Jewel had not come back home the same evening and when she did come had been very quiet.

Seeing her broken only a day after had killed him. He felt like he should have told Jewel that Nick had been only out to use her. He should have told her not to fall for his charm and charisma and if she had asked him how he knew well…it takes a thief to catch a thief and he was no rookie in the game.

Of course, he had never been there long enough to see the damage first hand. The day after the news he had watched first-hand what deception does to women, he had watched his baby cousin cry, he had watched her in pain, then he had just watched her grow numb, walking in a limbo, avoiding any thing that reminded her of anything and he had cursed himself for it



Author’s note

I realised its difficult to peruse through the blog if you’ve just joined us, so will edit so that each has  a of previous on either the top or end of each chapter.

Thanks for all the likes and comments and all the feedback i am reciving from you. Means alot 🙂


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