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Dear single lady,


HAPPY.jpgYou are beautiful single woman. Really, you are! You are whole and you are complete no matter what society makes you feel or what your own misconceptions make you feel.

You are a blessing single lady, an incubator and a power house by your own right. No, you don’t have to turn to social media to prove to anyone and everyone that you are doing okay. That shouldn’t be your diving point. Post a picture yes, but for the sake of it, not for the sake of likes. We all know your followers and number of likes will never tally, but more than that we know that the friends you know in person and those on Facebook will never match up. So why let it give you your worth beautiful?

You are God given, born to a mother who loves you and a father who adores you! Even if he walked away, he always remembers you and wishes that it went well with your mother so that he could have more time with you. That your relationship status reads single makes you no less of a person or a blessing. That you see others in photo shoots or holding hands doesn’t demean your beauty. Celebrate them and be happy for you and delight in the fact that someone somewhere loves you and is waiting for you.

Invest your time in your relationships my dear, not with the string of men following you telling you you are pretty and can they kiss or touch that. No. Invest it in that relationship with your mum. Seek counsel from her and learn just what made her into the woman she is. And how she and dad met and the journey that has been, cause whether you like it or not you mind has been wired to emulate that type of relationship. You have the need to be just like your mother and you need to understand what led to the person that is her, if you are to avoid some mistakes she did or if you are to emulate her deeds. Listen to your mother keenly. And take heed her advice. They say the old see further seated than a young man up a tree.

Invest your time in your relationship with your dad. He is your blueprint for what a good husband is, or a good father is. You will want some things from your husband without ever knowing that it is from your father you learnt them from. Listen to his counsel and soak it up. He has been your corner stone for years and soon that may change. You need your father’s blessings in all. And be grateful that you have forever been  his Princess and he has kept you safe from harm and his mere presence chased away the many boys who would have simply wasted your time. He knows the behaviour of men, he will tell you the guidelines of a good man. Don’t think him too old or too backward, listen to his counsel, for he has the wisdom of the years and love in his heart. He wants only the best for you.

Single lady, soon your life will be about your children, about your husband and your career. Please take this time to know what drives you. Find yourself in God, who created you, who put in you your desires and hopes and dreams. It is not your husband’s job to make you happy that’s a choice you make for yourself. So be happy with yourself, comfortable by yourself. Knowing that with or without men, there was always God and there was always you, the two constants that truly surely matter. Invest in your happiness, remember your self-worth and your value and don’t let anyone ever  ever make you feel like less of  a person.

You are beautiful! You are amazing! And you are worth waiting for!

Remember that.

Every day for the rest of your life. Remember that you are beautiful before God and before all. Read books that imprint that upon you. Do activities that remind you of that. Invest in yourself, and for yourself. Not for anybody else but you.

Don’t let that number that constantly drags you back to feeling so bad keep calling you. It’s your phone block that number. And there’s that person who always remembers you when they are horny, treating you like their bitch (sorry for the harsh word but it needed to be said) that man who always calls you because they know they have a hold on you, my friend release them, you deserve better than that. Yes I know sometimes, the need is there to feel like you are loved and you are needed or wanted, and he knows how to press those buttons, but YOU ALONE DEFINE YOUR WORTH, so baby girl DROP HIM! And when you feel needy go look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself you are beautiful and you are loved, have that verse always on the ready and speak it aloud until you believe it, because it is true, more than you will ever know.

Also, take your time to analyse everyone that comes your way, this means knowing what you want and what you don’t want and having the mental stability to not fall for all that you hear and all that you see. Dicks and Harry’s will be many. And especially when you enter a new space in your life. They want to know the calibre of person that you are, and be proud to say they scored that. Not all are good, but not all are bad, pray for wisdom from God and you’ll sieve the chaff from the wheat.

Single lady, Rebecca (wife of Isaac in the Bible) was found working. In fact it was her work that made Abraham’s servant pick her, a stranger above everyone else. Ruth was found working by Boaz, out in the fields gleaning wheat for her mother in law. Queen Esther was found working, Sarah was the most beautiful lady in the city that twice Abraham told people she was the sister to avoid getting killed and even she was working. Baby girl, Work. Work with all your heart and with all you have. What you’re doing in your small capacity is helping so many people out there. Without the farmer, the business man wouldn’t work, for where would his food come from? There’s that thing that the Lord has input in you, work at it. Build your career and uplift yourself. A man is the provider but as the lady you are the helper, be it in decision making or otherwise and wisdom and knowledge have to stem from somewhere. A PROVERBS 31 WOMAN IS A PHENOMENAL WORKER, SO WORK MY DEAR.

Finally, single lady be happy! Be very very happy! Even when you feel sad or lonely choose happiness. Smile often and smile readily. Smile from the depth of your heart. Be of good cheer and laugh with all your heart. Be kind. To everyone. Especially yourself. Take matters with a light heart and have an upbeat in your steps.  Enjoy life! Have a cocktail with your girlfriends, keep company with happy people, go for a hike, go bike riding, run in the morning, get those abs, put your legs up and read a book, enjoy dinners and dates, and take things by their stride. And Pray, pray when happy, pray in the morning, pray in the noon time, sing in the evening and have a grateful heart.

Patience my love, your time is coming, but this is your 40 years in the desert time…aka… your preparation time.


With great love,

A fellow single lady.


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