A love story…


The young couple had waited for this day so eagerly, so that they could finally be together, intimately, and be accepted as Holy and pure before men and before the Lord.

He had watched her bloom, from her tender age, always hard working, ever dutiful and when he informed his father, he had noticed the slight crease of his face. He and his father were that close you know, speaking of all things, from land to work, to girls. His father always guiding him patiently and rebuking him when need arose. John counted himself lucky. The slight crease confirmed what he had suspected. She was too valuable, her bride price would present a problem. Yet, even knowing that, he could not help himself. He felt besotted by the woman. How could he not? She was the most beautiful, most respectful and most hard working lady he knew. She tended her father’s sheep so well. Not uncommon as she had no brothers.

She smiled politely, watching him approach. She had felt the weight of his stares the first day and had found herself looking at the most handsome creature the Lord must have created. So strong, so built, he looked the type that could protect one from anything. She felt herself quiver. Something that had never happened to her before. From then on she had ensured to work along his path, in his line of view, silently hoping he would keep staring and hopefully do more than just that. Today, he was approaching, he would come speak to her. She felt as if her knees would give in and steadied herself. He said a polite hi, asked if he could have some water, he was looking at her so intently, she was sure he could see her very soul. The water presented a distraction, which later became a conversation and now two harvest seasons later, they were standing in front of an altar, awaiting God’s blessings for their love.

Her mother stood at the corner, silently tearing, she had done much work in convincing the father to allow the marriage. “My daughter marries no commoner.” But she knew her daughter’s heart had spoken and she knew the man. He loved her. He worked hard too. Every single day. They would make a good couple. He would take care of her. And they had too much livestock anyway to deny their daughter love. It had been no easy task but the father had agreed and the lad had brought all the dowry he had. His father supporting him through it all.

The wedding, as was custom, was the groom’s duty. He had hired a steward and had also walked for miles trying to find quality wine and good food. He made sure all was in order and together they called their friends and family.

The ceremony had been beautiful. The “I do’s ” from the heart. Everyone present cheering them on. Finally, celebration times and everyone was happy. Even the bride’s father who had been certain it would fail.

Then, the crisis! Wine was over! It was an abomination for a wedding to lack wine. Wine was a symbol of love you know, a symbol of joy and happiness. How can love and happiness lack on their first day?

All servants were stressed, what would they do? How would they inform the master? The groom was troubled. He had done his best, spent his last coin, what would happen now? His father in Law would surely now believe him incapable of taking care of his daughter. The bride was worried, her husband looked so troubled. What would they do?

Then she felt the touch of someone on her hand, warm and motherly, she turned to see Mary, so calm and reassuring. She said only a sentence but she believed it with all her heart. “Don’t worry, it is well.”

Mary looked up at her husband, still frustrated over the whole issue. And silently whispered, “Don’t worry love, it will be okay.” She could see he wanted to ask how and realised she had no answer herself but she was confident things would be fine. It was a strange peace in her heart. Assuring her, taking her through the storm.

Then the steward bellowed, laughing.

“I have never seen this before, most weddings the best wine is presented first, then the not so good wine is kept for when people are drunk. But you…”

He said looking at the groom, “you’ve kept the best till now.”

John, was beyond himself, their wedding festivities had been saved after all. He looked at Sarah who was smiling, laughing a tear trickling down her lovely cheek, how had she known all will be well? He felt so blessed to have her as his.

The Lord must be with us. He has come to our rescue.

He watched as she walked over to Mary, saying a silent thank you. And as Mary took her to Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter’s son and watched the two say thank you to Him. Jesus had not said much, but He seemed to have an angelic glow about Him.

Perhaps, the rumors were true after all and He was indeed the great prophet. For only one with Yahweh would have been able to do what He had done.

All the same, as he watched the crowds celebrating and in total jubilation and as he watched the steward tell the crowds story over and over, he was just glad that God, indeed had showed up.

Blessed be His name.

Hope you loved it…

J. Kariuki

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