Outflow from my heart


It’s a beautiful evening, a Tuesday evening after such a graceful, peaceful, Fulfilling day!

Barely noticed it was a Tuesday,

Barely noticed it was end day.

A perfect kind of day!

And as I seat in this lovely little restaurant on the Mezanine of our office building, I cannot help but be grateful.

God is faithful. So faithful.

Just four weeks ago I might have lost my brother in an accident, but I didn’t, My God was faithful.

Just two weeks ago, I might have lost my father to gun shots, in fact the media had decided on our behalf that he had actually been shot dead, but My God does not listen to the report of men! He was faithful.

And as a person, I can not begin to explain the joy that swells in my heart. He has shown me so much favour my King. I have experienced so much growth, and growth is never easy, growth is that path that you take wondering if it’s ever that serious, like if you could just do what everyone else was doing and indulge and life would move on. He has given me the grace to want different- to follow His path…and I’m grateful.

And on that topic growth…isn’t it funny how every time you pray for something God presents you a how? Have you ever felt like you were perfectly okay, whole and complete, no complaints..then you pray for something and then God shows you and I mean really SHOWS you just how many things He needs to heal first in you? Then scars you did NOT even know you had or some that you thought you had dealt with show their ugly head. Suddenly it feels like your heart is being shredded and so much unimaginable pain that you had suppressed for so many years just resurfaces.

But the healing, let me just tell you the healing is like nothing you have ever known; when you feel all that buggage just wash away and shed off. And the warmth that comes from His loving arms is beyond anything I can explain.

When I was younger, with my overactive imagination, I used to Picture God with beautiful white wings and this throne that was made of Gold, pure Gold and light that shone through everywhere..I remember three thrones but He was always in the centre, anytime I was hurt I would imagine crawling up His arms, Tall and Huge and Mighty as He was, and He would sit me in His lap and I would, with all the tears streaming down my eyes, curve into a ball in that lap, and He would hold on to me, and His wings would fold and shelter me and it would just be me and Him. And His warmth would radiate and I would be all better and I would run from there and go play.

That thought carried me through a lot of pain, that and the image of Christ holding my hand next to the Ocean or in some white light somewhere, in His pure white robes, with His warm super- soft hands and I would be busy pulling Him towards God knows where and He would smile and look at me pull smiling, like how a father would when the young Son is trying to pull him somewhere … those two images had carried me through it all. And as ai grew up I had forgotten them but in these last two months I allowed myself to become that child again… circumstances made me run back to the ever standing Rock. And in His firm foundation I have been planted. Not buried.

And the growth continues, and His Words remain, His promises- oh His promises- they become fulfilled every day! They are the Words that I stand on, the Hope that I know, even when my faith is shaken I remember that He is not man that He should lie, that His Words, like the rain that pours for the farmer to sow, does not leave His tongue and come back empty handed, they are double edged swords and return having fulfilled what they were uttered for. I am so happy! So grateful!

So in this beautiful restaurant, alone with my thoughts and my God I smile so cheerfully knowing I am the King’s daughter.

And as my earthly father calls me

His Princess❤


(Marked and chosen by Him, for His good works through me)

And so are you 😊🤗

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Amen 🙏 such a beautiful piece of writing to express your love for Him. Praise the Lord. Worship His name.

    It’s a blessing to hear that your brother and father were saved. It ain’t over till God says it’s over.

    Also if you don’t mind I want you to go check out my post titled “It Is Hard To Love You”, I feel you’d love the read and understanding behind it.

    (Also scan your post thoroughly for errors I see some, the Edit button is golden 😉)

    Bless up young Queen, keep on your path forward to eternal life! 👣🙌♥️👑

    Liked by 1 person

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