About me…reloaded ?

Who would have thought that introducing yourself is this hard? This is where, were you seated here with me, I’d probably be giggling as I fumble with what to say…But as all introductions go….first the name.

My name is Jasmine and I have four amazing names each with its own meaning and each reflecting me in its own way. With Jemimah, a dove in Hebrew, comes my calm, peaceful nature and the only state in which I can write. In the Bible ,Jemimah, one of the latter daughters of Job together with her sisters were considered the most beautiful girls in the land at that point.
This beauty is something I have struggled with for long actually. That I am beautiful I have no doubt. But for so many years especially when younger I was ridiculed by boys and girls alike who would ask me daunting questions to show me I am not as pretty as the rest. Or recommending facial products like Fair and lovely and such. I guess it’s cause my acne broke out early and that coupled with my loud and flamboyant nature, long slender legs and my still growing hair at the time, well….was a recipe for disaster or at least ridicule. Especially when people felt threatened. It also did not help much that I was a Tom boy by then and would have so many scars from falling from trees and had no time for the rest of the female society. I remember dad got into the habit of looking at my face just to ensure I had no new scars. He would make fun or be so concerned that both ways it would hurt me.

All the same I survived and fell head over heels with my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.He is truly the most amazing thing that has happened to me. I have since learnt that I am beautiful, pretty even and so so happy. I have grown in mind and Spirit and I have known the joys of disappointment and success. My relationship with my parents is so so amazing! Mummy is literally like my best friend and I am so so happy.

While I was younger,reading became my escape from all things and my reading brought me joy,my joy made me dream ….dream of such big things. And my dreams made me write. Write to inspire, to help others who like me need an escape, a place to connect. Words that bring hope, life, love and good cheer. Real life or fiction….But to make others smile just like others made me smile and dream.

My other names and other attributes shall be seen later on in my blogs but I do hope to interact with you all. You build me so much through your viewership, comments, blogs, and I hope in my own little way I touch your hearts, make you smile and for a minute take you deeper into your mind and away from the world around you.





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