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Making room…#2021

I've always been better with words than with speech or maths. Always considered myself a writer. But I hit a wall 2 years ago. Couldn't even journal let alone blog. I had my heart so broken and I couldn't wrap myself around it or around God. Yes, I said God. Writing has always been my… Continue reading Making room…#2021

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CHAPTER 18 “Well, what do we have here?” The idiotic narcissist gang leader asked. “ Mother dearest has a text from her daughter huh? ‘mummy I need you’ Jessica’s world froze. Jewel had texted? Jewel never texts her. She needs me? “Oh God please be with my girl” I need to text her. I really… Continue reading JEWEL 18# CAGED

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Jewel 12 #the desert in my soul

CHAPTER TWELVE Jessica waked around, looking desperate, feeling desperate. She had been sent to this land by the news station to report on this. This devastation that was right before her eyes. In fact, scratch that, she had requested, almost fought to come here because it seemed to be the next big thing. An African… Continue reading Jewel 12 #the desert in my soul

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a day at a time

When I started my purity journey, the last few times, it was hard, Goodness! It was difficult, but nothing quite prepared me for this. No. The value systems haven't changed, and the Why, though redefined, remains almost the same. But somehow this time its different. There's no countdown, it just is. For years, intimacy for me… Continue reading a day at a time