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There's a cholera crisis endemic of sorts and I thought it wise to debunk just what this enigma is and to write in the simplest way I know how to what to do should you suspect you have it. First  What is it? Cholera is a bacterial infection. It is caused by V. Cholerae… Continue reading Cholera 

health and wellness · life of a medic

Doctor’s Strike: His Words

​By Hon Gitobu Imanyara Eh, the chickens have come home to roost...  Initially a lot of people on social media were talking about the doctors' strike like something that's way out there, that's not really touching their lives directly, after all it was just another protest like many others. In fact I even saw some… Continue reading Doctor’s Strike: His Words

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The Mother’s grief :|

Ever wondered how it feels to lose a child? Especially as a mother, a Father, a family ? Ever attended a funeral and seen mothers lose their strength to even stand? Ever been in such a situation? If you have I am truly truly sorry for your loss. Would you now pretend that you are… Continue reading The Mother’s grief 😐