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There's a cholera crisis endemic of sorts and I thought it wise to debunk just what this enigma is and to write in the simplest way I know how to what to do should you suspect you have it. First  What is it? Cholera is a bacterial infection. It is caused by V. Cholerae… Continue reading Cholera 

life of a medic


Hey guys, its been a significant while since i last shared and I'm sorry.  SO i started working! Week 3 now as an MOI (thats a Medical officer Intern. ) And in maternity department. And let me tell you it is fun! It is the most fun I have had. To be an intern means… Continue reading TO BE AN INTERN

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She started the year with a sigh of relief, after all the relationship buggages that surrounded the last two months of the previous year and a break up that just wouldn't end, Alice could not wait to begin school! Crazy? Yes! insanity?Most certainly! but she was ecstatic and determined. After three years of constantly been… Continue reading EXAMS OVER! THE JOY!