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a day at a time

When I started my purity journey, the last few times, it was hard, Goodness! It was difficult, but nothing quite prepared me for this. No. The value systems haven't changed, and the Why, though redefined, remains almost the same. But somehow this time its different. There's no countdown, it just is. For years, intimacy for me… Continue reading a day at a time

Christian · My Purity Journey

Day 3: What’s So Special about virginity?

"What's so special about virginity? What's so good about it? All virgins I know are prudes, holy Joe's and honestly down right self-righteous or just ugly." Said the one who lost their own and want to lead someone else down that terrible path. But frankly, what is so special about it? Do you imagine your… Continue reading Day 3: What’s So Special about virginity?