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Exposed: A child’s nightmare

Be sure when you pray. For when God begins to answer, It sometimes can seem beyond anything you could imagine, anything you thought you knew, even when that everything is in your own simple life. And He answers not in the most conventional of ways. A little girl walked into the office today, with her… Continue reading Exposed: A child’s nightmare

My Purity Journey · Outflow from my heart

I’ve fallen in love…

I have fallen in love, so beautifully in love, a love so deep and surreal, a love I never once imagined would be possible. I've fallen in love with the beauty that reflects back when I smile, I have fallen in love with creases at the side of the eyes, the cute tiny dimple that… Continue reading I’ve fallen in love…

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Dear young gent/lady; pressure

Dear young adult, yes you who's turning 30 yes you who's just finished college, and everyone in between; let's talk pressure, shall we? So you have just finished college or university, and you were promised a life of happy roses with all doors open once you graduated and you soldiered on. But here you are… Continue reading Dear young gent/lady; pressure