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Men; unanswered questions …

I am no feminist, not at all. I believe succinctly in the importance of men. In fact, I relate better with the other sub-species of this human race, and I enjoy working together. I believe that God has a plan, a beautiful one and there’s a good reason why men were created first, given responsibility… Continue reading Men; unanswered questions …

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Jewel 12 #the desert in my soul

CHAPTER TWELVE Jessica waked around, looking desperate, feeling desperate. She had been sent to this land by the news station to report on this. This devastation that was right before her eyes. In fact, scratch that, she had requested, almost fought to come here because it seemed to be the next big thing. An African… Continue reading Jewel 12 #the desert in my soul

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Jewel #lost

                             CHAPTER NINE Jewel walked as far as she could, her sharp heels making her feel the weight of her own body yet not quite reaching the burden of her soul. She walked angry, memories flashing through her head. The text, the promises, the dress, the dinner, the dance, her first kiss and after all… Continue reading Jewel #lost