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Rest well sweetheart..

4 days late 6 days late 10 days late.. She watched the days trickle past, not worried, she had been safe, it had been a safe day, whatever those were, she had checked her calendar, jotted everything down in that God forsaken app, the same app that woke her up each morning with "Did you… Continue reading Rest well sweetheart..

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Jewel #13: Welcome distractions

CHAPTER 13 All her thoughts seemed to clear as she considered the map of the track; it was an almost classic track. It was 12 metres wide with about 10 major curves and from what she could see about 7 minor ones. There was a smaller club circuit of 2.4 kilometres with 7 major curves… Continue reading Jewel #13: Welcome distractions

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#ChennaiRains :Stranded 2

The sheer darkness, the eerie silence, punctuated by a hollow, harrowing whisper of the wind welcomes me to Wednesday morning. A silent walk unto the balcony fills me with a bitter sweet, gripping feeling, as I anticipate what joys this day will bring and the fear of just how much damage the evening-night long rain… Continue reading #ChennaiRains :Stranded 2