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#ChennaiRains :Stranded 2

The sheer darkness, the eerie silence, punctuated by a hollow, harrowing whisper of the wind welcomes me to Wednesday morning. A silent walk unto the balcony fills me with a bitter sweet, gripping feeling, as I anticipate what joys this day will bring and the fear of just how much damage the evening-night long rain… Continue reading #ChennaiRains :Stranded 2

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Good Morning my dear one, as I marvel at the beautiful sunrise today and thank God for the gift of  early rising and juust rising in itself I cannot help but glorify Him for this land that I call home. A land so peaceful, so dynamic and with a culture so great I am simply… Continue reading #ThisismyKenya

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Diani…My new love ❤

I have a blogging 101 challenge to speak to my audience...those whom I would love to connect to. And I have Diani in mind. Beautiful Diani, Amazing Diani. So I'm thinking I might try and show you my audience my week's journey that left me feeling breathless, some days heavy and most days just happy… Continue reading Diani…My new love ❤