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Dear Single Lady or Gent…

How was your Christmas? Did you stumble upon a mistletoe? or chance upon a Midnight firework-filled New Year's Eve? Does it matter? Did it hurt? Dear Single, do you know what a gift you have? Like an honestly amazing gift you have in your hands, to be young (or old) and free. Free to grow… Continue reading Dear Single Lady or Gent…


My purity journey # Write: journey so far..

Write... Write down on a scroll.. Write down on a tablet.. Write.. I feel this heavy command to simply write and write I shall. Purity...oh when I started my journey a whole year back I was wrong so so wrong and it has taken days and months of learning and unlearning so much. My thoughts… Continue reading My purity journey # Write: journey so far..


#24 Jewel: Oh hell…oh much you sting

CHAPTER 24 Jessica found herself kneeling somewhere that seemed so unreal: a floating sensation over came her and she was completely engulfed in darkness and nothingness. In the distance, a light called out. She knew the light was her redemption, that that was where life was, back to her daughter and her father and her… Continue reading #24 Jewel: Oh hell…oh much you sting