Outflow from my heart


It's a beautiful evening, a Tuesday evening after such a graceful, peaceful, Fulfilling day! Barely noticed it was a Tuesday, Barely noticed it was end day. A perfect kind of day! And as I seat in this lovely little restaurant on the Mezanine of our office building, I cannot help but be grateful. God is… Continue reading Gratitude


Jewel 25: Gracefully broken

Jewel sat behind the wheel, tension running all through her muscles, her hands holding the steering wheel with such a strong grip. In her mind she replayed the details of the race. Every driver was to give 1000$. Spectators could give as much as they wanted with a minimum of 50$. If they could pull… Continue reading Jewel 25: Gracefully broken

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Dear young gent/lady; pressure

Dear young adult, yes you who's turning 30 yes you who's just finished college, and everyone in between; let's talk pressure, shall we? So you have just finished college or university, and you were promised a life of happy roses with all doors open once you graduated and you soldiered on. But here you are… Continue reading Dear young gent/lady; pressure


#24 Jewel: Oh hell…oh death..how much you sting

CHAPTER 24 Jessica found herself kneeling somewhere that seemed so unreal: a floating sensation over came her and she was completely engulfed in darkness and nothingness. In the distance, a light called out. She knew the light was her redemption, that that was where life was, back to her daughter and her father and her… Continue reading #24 Jewel: Oh hell…oh death..how much you sting