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Dear Single Lady or Gent…

How was your Christmas? Did you stumble upon a mistletoe? or chance upon a Midnight firework-filled New Year's Eve? Does it matter? Did it hurt? Dear Single, do you know what a gift you have? Like an honestly amazing gift you have in your hands, to be young (or old) and free. Free to grow… Continue reading Dear Single Lady or Gent…


#24 Jewel: Oh hell…oh much you sting

CHAPTER 24 Jessica found herself kneeling somewhere that seemed so unreal: a floating sensation over came her and she was completely engulfed in darkness and nothingness. In the distance, a light called out. She knew the light was her redemption, that that was where life was, back to her daughter and her father and her… Continue reading #24 Jewel: Oh hell…oh much you sting